Photos confiscated from Seventh-Day Adventist Soldier Romania



Photos confiscated from Seventh-Day Adventist Soldier Romania


The first image is a photograph of Ignat Neculai and his family from Moșna, Falciu county. He is photographed with his wife, and four children, one of whom is in regional dress. Ignat’s name is written on the edge of the photo. The other image is a photograph of some soldiers, Sergeant Gheorghe Sorin, Captain Costache Jugnaru, and Costache Pițu, from Battalion I, Regiment 25, Company 4, stationed in Moșna. Their names are also written in pen along the edge of the photograph. The third image is a photographic negative of a group of officers from Iași taken at Christmas. On the back of each item there is a handwritten description.
The photos were used in a court case brought against Stefan Neculai. Neculai was twenty-eight years old, married with two children, and originally from Cuza Voda, Ialomița County but resident in Vaslui City. He made a living as a photographer but he had failed to obtain the required authorisation to possess a camera. The fact that he took photos of soldiers also made him suspicious. The three photos mentioned were taken between December 1939 and February 1940. Neculai was apprehended at the Seventh-Day Adventist prayer house in Moșna village on 10 February 1940 and taken to court. Based on the documents in the case file it is unclear what the outcome of the case was.
Neculai’s police testimony and that of witnesses are included in the file. Among them is the statement of a Jewish regimental tailor Sami Segal, at whose shop Neculai had lodged for six days. The odds were not in Neculai’s favor. As an Adventist he was considered a sectarian with foreign ties and therefore potentially dangerous to state security. His affiliation with the Jewish tailor during a time of rabid antisemitism also made his activity suspicious to the authorities. Seventh-Day Adventists were outlawed during the war and Neculai’s case is evidence of increased concern regarding religious minorities. Reports on other suspicious sectarian soldiers are also included in the folder.

The photographs come from ANIC, DGP inv. 2349, 40/1930. The file includes police reports, correspondence between local gendarme commanders and the General Police Division in Bucharest. Personal files on soldiers with a sectarian background enrolled in the army between 1928 and 1940 are also available in the folder.


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Iemima Ploscariu


Arhivele Naționale Române
Direcția Generală a Poliției (DGP)
Fond 2349, D 40/1930


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ANIC, Direcția Generală a Poliției (DGP)
fond 2349, D 40/1930


20th Century, inter-war

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