Confiscated Brethren Magazine Bucharest



Confiscated Brethren Magazine Bucharest


The images show a Brethren publication entitled Viață și Lumină volume three, issue nine from September 1930. According to the text on the cover, the publication appeared once a month and was edited by Florea Moisescu with administrative facilities in Bucharest under the direction of Gheorghe Teodorescu. Scripture references from the Gospel of John are included under the title, from which the latter is derived. The subscription cost was 60 lei per year in Romania and one dollar in America.

This issue, along with two others, were included in the file composed by the General Police Division on the Norwegian Society Norske Israelmision. The society was a missionary organization aimed at converting Jews to Christianity that received authorization from the Ministry of Religious Denominations through order nr. 15486/1565/930. Their representative in Romania was Isaac Feinstein, a Romanian citizen of Jewish ethnicity, born in Dorohoi, whose memoranda to the government requesting freedom for the society to function in the cities of Reni and Iași is included in the file. Another letter from Feinstein to the Ministry of Interior included in the file protests the application of decision nr. 4781 from 1937 to their activity. The aforementioned decision was passed to limit the activity of religious minorities or sects, which Feinstein argued his organization was not.

The Brethren publications are not mentioned anywhere else in the file. They were likely gathered by police informers during one of Feinstein’s Norske Israelmision meetings. The Brethren religious minority was considered a sect with foreign allegiance and strictly monitored during the 1930s and outlawed by the Ion Antonescu government in 1940. The placement of the publications with the police correspondence and memoranda concerning the Norwegian society implicates both groups in what could be considered activity threatening state security. Feinstein’s Jewish ethnicity is continually brought up in reports included in the file revealing the police’s intention (as also expressed in other files) of finding a link between the Jewish threat and the sectarian threat.

The publication comes from file ANIC, DGP inv. 2349, 51/1930. The file includes two other Brethren publications, police reports, correspondence between the Ministry of Interior-General Police Division, the Bucharest Regional Inspectorate, and the Galați Municipal Police, as well as letters sent by Isaac Feinstein to the Ministry of Interior.

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Iemima Ploscariu


Arhivele Naționale ale României
Inspectoratul General de Poliție, fond 2349, D 51/ 1930


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ANIC, Inspectoratul General de Poliție, D 51/ 1930


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