Photo of a funeral of two Old Calendarist believers Romania



Photo of a funeral of two Old Calendarist believers Romania
Fotografie de la înmormântarea a doi credincioși vechi calendariști din România


This photograph was taken in 1934 or 1935 in the village of Toporăști in the county of Vaslui. It depicts the funeral of two victims of the Romanian Gendarmerie following an attack on their church in an attempt to arrest the community's priest.
The first image shows a few Old Calendarist believers surrounding the coffins of two people, a man and a woman. They seem to have two icons placed on their chests and we can see that three of the children present in the photo have their hands on the coffins, implying that this is their parents' funeral. There is a short note on the right edge of the photo that states: “Shot by the Gendarmes”, suggesting that they were killed during a direct confrontation with the Gendarmes.
The second image shows the back of the photo which has a short text describing the event in the photo. The text states as follows: “From the massacre in Toporăști- Vaslui. Mother and father shot by the Gendarmes of the former regime for this belief,” referring to the Old Calendarist belief. It is unclear to whom the photo belonged or how it ended up in the file.
The events that happened in Toporăști in 1934 are similar to the events in the village of Cucova, and mark the beginning of a series of confrontations between the Old Calendarists and the Gendarmes. Described as massacres, these attacks were meant to dissipate the Old Calendarist communities in the region. Even though it is not very clear what caused the incident in Toporăști, it seems that the Gendarmes surrounded the church in an attempt to arrest the Old Calendarist priest present there. Based on some archival documents and other sources, 12 Old Calendarists and 4 Gendarmes were wounded and 3 Old Calendarists were killed during the confrontation. In 1936, two years after this event, police reports state that the Stilist movement was no longer active in the region.

This image can be found in the file CNSAS, I 1075010, vol. 4. Apart from this photo, the file also contains police reports, lists of names, two more photos and other confiscated items from an Old Calendarist believer.

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Iuliana Cindrea


Consiliul Național pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securității
CNSAS, I 1075010, vol. 4.


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CNSAS, I 1075010, vol. 4.


20th Century, Romania

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